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The Receptionist is co-responsible for a friendly and polite interaction with the passengers at the front desk to guarantee a maximum satisfaction of guests as well as an efficient organisation and realisation at the front desk.

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Welcome to the landing page of the Cruise Ship Receptionist. We are responsible for all the guests needs and to direct them to their destinations, sorting and handing out mail, answering incoming calls on multi-line telephones and many other things.

We have a great team onboard and work with many other staff who assist us in all our tasks as we are a main function onboard and need to be open and manned 24 /7.

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Mengjun Huang

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"Can you imagine only 10 Receptionists and over 5000 Guests on big ships"

Is working on a big ship differ from working on a small ship?

big ship small ship

"After this incident , no one dared to live in this cabin and something strange was happening over there"

What is the most shocking thing you have experienced at sea?

Ghost Story

"Not bad , we share with another person and very lucky in some ways"

How is your cabin arrangement and your benefits?

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